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Testimonials & Feedback


I recently experienced the services of Family Mediation In Action when I was going through my divorce. The professional mediator kept us focused on our goals and resulted in a positive outcome for myself, my wife and the children.  

Graham, Richmond

Divorce was painful enough and mediation helped a lot in managing that pain. The process proved to be very effective in reaching a fair conclusion and cost a lot less than we were quoted by our respective solicitors. I feel our mediator helped to improve our communcation going forward and showed us how to explore options together and compromise.Thank you. 

Judy, Harrow

 I wasn't sure about mediation at first. However, once the sessions started I found it made the whole process much clearer and easier to deal with my ex.

Neil, Brentford 

Massy was very helpful and professional. She explained the process clearly and was very patient. She was encouraging and positive. I felt heard in our sessions, and that made a huge difference in the way I dealt with our issues. I would recommend mediation as an alternative to litigation any day.

Maryam, Kensington

My ex was going to make any process as difficult as she could, however, Massy was very patient and helpful in keeping us both focused on our objectives. We have found that we communicate much better than we did before. Thank you.

Sohrab, Fulham

What a revelation! Mediation provided me with a real sense of control and the result works well for the family. It wasn't anywhere near as stressful as I thought it might be. Many thanks Famia.

Oliver, Battersea

Massy, I just wanted to thank you for your help during what is a very difficult time for all of us. Even though the mediation did not go ahead, I really appreciated the way you explained everything and acted so quickly to move things forward for us - we know that going to court is no doubt a long process but where the system can work quickly, it has done thanks to you.

Denise, Chiswick 

Mediation enabled my ex wife and I to communicate with each other for the first time in 18 months. It also helped to keep us focused on the welfare of our children. Thanks for all your help. 

Andrew, Wimbledon

I would like to extend my gratitude to Massy and Austin for their patience and hard work in helping my ex husband and I to work together through our finances, and to finally reach a fair settlement that we are both happy with.  


Liz, Ealing 


Excellent customer service, cost effective, speedy response time. I would certainly recommend Famia.


Harry, Clapham   


I am so grateful to Massy and her excellent skills as a mediator. I feel a lot less stressed than I did when I first started mediation. Thank you for all the information that you passed on and for going beyond the call of duty. I will highly recommend this service. Thank you for being so understanding and compassionate.

Melissa, South Kensington 

I found Massy and Austin’s mediation skills to be a huge help and support. I found myself in a highly charged and aggressive situation with an ex who was unpredictable and unreasonable.  Massy always went the extra mile and provided great support, patience and understanding.  Thanks to Massy’s skills and experience we avoided court. 

Sophia, Chelsea


My husband and I attended mediation with Massy to sort out our finances and final decisions for our children. I personally  found it very helpful to have someone to talk between us and make us both see each other’s point of view without too much confrontation. Divorce is a stressful time and Massy helped us to make the right decisions as quickly and easily as possible. It also helped me to know that we were managing the whole process pretty well and that actually it wasn’t as difficult as it could have been if we had tried to battle out the finances on our own! I would like to thank Massy for her gentle, kind manor, she showed compassion and thoughtfulness throughout the whole process and was always quick to return emails and calls.


Anna, Holborn


Massy, I have to say that I found the whole experience of mediation a calm and relaxed experience in what was an otherwise hectic and stressful situation. Your mediation style and the process you followed served to address our areas of conflict and disagreement in a way that didn’t make us feel that what either of us believed or wanted was wrong - and that enabled us to work through the issues productively and without unnecessary distraction. I am sure that because of your help we arrived at the best possible solution and that we are both happy and comfortable with the outcome.

Many Thanks, Michael, Holland Park

My partner and I were in the process of separating. Things between us were very heated and we could not agree about future childcare and living arrangements. Mediation with Austin [Famia] provided a calm and confidential space for us to discuss these things. Austin helped us to clarify what we wanted, made sure that each of us could speak and be listened to, and kept us focused on what is possible for the future. We were able to agree quite quickly, the arguments on these points are over, and we are now moving on. 

J.N North London

Austin, I would like to thank you for your help in a time of stress and uncertainty.  I must say that prior to coming to see you I was sceptical as to how useful it would be but you have an excellent manner and way of dealing with these matters, and I found the session most useful.

Vanessa, Hampstead
This has been an interesting journey, extremely tough and emotional at times, however, the outcome was well worth it. Thanks to Massy’s patience, her calming and pragmatic approach the transition from co-parenting to single parenting was not as agonising as I had anticipated. I would like to thank you on behalf of my children. Mediation has taught us to detach ourselves from our own emotions in order to fully focus on our children and their needs. This has made our children stronger and much happier.


Tim and Alice, Richmond

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the help we received by Massy during mediation sessions.  Initially I was sceptical that I would be able to resolve issues with my partner, but Massy put me at ease during our first meeting.  She has a calm and unbiased approach that helped us to focus and concentrate on the most important issues.  Massy definitely made a difficult and uncomfortable process go smoothly and we were able to decide on equitable arrangements that satisfied each of us.  Massy helped us to stay out of court and decide what was best for our child and for that I am extremely thankful.

Mia, West London

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